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Wedding Moment: Grandpa watching the vows

Happy Anniversary to Leigh and Joe! This wedding moment comes from their wedding at the Phoenixville Foundry. I like looking for interesting ways to capture the wedding ceremony because in reality they almost all look the same. Leigh is very close to her grandfather so when I saw him with this beautiful smile on his face peeking between Leigh and Joe, I knew it would be special. Grandpa celebrated his 87th birthday just last week! Happy birthday poppop!

New York wedding photographer Sofia Negron Phoenixville Foundry Wedding, vintage, grey, purple

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New York wedding moment: capturing dad

This New York wedding moment is from Pamela and John’s wedding at the Metropolitan Building. Pamela loves her dad but she said he is usually pretty quiet, reserved and shy. During the formals, dad told me he does not like to smile and he doesn’t like the way he looks in photos when he smiles. To me that just tells me, he is so concerned about his smile that he gets self-conscious, tight and makes an uncomfortable face because he doesn’t know how to make himself look good. So I decided I would try to catch him smiling when he was not expecting it. Capturing who he is when he is not worried about what he looks like. I noticed John’s dad and Pam’s dad chatting. They were talking very close like it was something intense but with the little smirks I could tell it was also funny. And then this happened!

New York wedding photographer Sofia Negron Westchester Country Club St.Joseph

What would it be like to have this moment of your dad?

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New York Wedding Moment: In the Rain

This New York wedding moment comes from Sarah and Al’s engagement session in Central Park. Most clients like to wait until it is warm and perfect outside to do their engagement sessions, however just like love, sometimes you have to weather the storm, take the good and the bad and you just might find something wonderful. This is what happened here.


It had been cold, it was rainy and cloudy all day and night. Sarah and Al were coming to New York just for this session and decided: we just have to do it, we can’t put it off anymore. I am so glad they did. If there had not been any rain, I would never have gotten this photo. What I love about this moment is it shows that something beautiful came out of a less than ideal situation and their love will stand the test of time. They can share in the rain and be each others comfort and laugh while doing it. Sarah and Al have beautiful and generous souls. So next time things are not perfect, remember beauty comes when you least expect it.

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New York Wedding Moment: The wedding guests’ tears of joy

This heartfelt New York wedding moment is from an intimate wedding I did with Curtain Up Events at the Trump Soho. I love the Trump Soho for their amazing views from Sohi and their penthouse suites. Plus the food is super yummy. During  Tara and Michael’s ceremony on the balcony, I turned and found the sister and children of the groom crying. They were grabbing and borrowing tissues as the tears of joy cascaded down their faces. This was an exciting moment for everyone and a long time coming.

New York wedding photographer Sofia Negron Trump Soho Curtain Up Events Small Wedding White suit  louboutin shoes

Tears, hugs, laughter, smiles and lots of quiet moments happened at this wedding. When there is this much love and openness among the family and friends, I can get lots of unexpected moments.

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Why are you getting married and having a wedding?

Why are you getting married? Why are you having a wedding?

These are two very different questions with very different answers.

I want to know both. If you call me about photographing your wedding, these are the questions I want answers to before we even talk about how many hours and how much is it.

Why are you getting married?

Are you getting married because it’s the thing to do? You have found your best friend? You want to have kids? You want to share this journey called life? You have finally found your home?

Who is this person you are marrying?  How did you meet? What are they like? How did that person win out over all the others?

Why do I want to know this?

I want to know who you are. I want to know what kind of relationship you have. What you like to do for fun. I want to know if our personalities are going to mesh. Do we see the world in a similar way? If I know this then I can relate to you better. I can build trust with you. I can build confidence in you. I can make you comfortable. It enables me to get you and create a story of images that reflect who you are. If I know who and what is important to you then I will see those things. I will seek those things out.

Why are you having a wedding?

Do you want to have a big party? Is this what your parents want?  Do you want everyone to have a great time? Did you want a small wedding but having a big one? Is dad inviting his clients and you will only know half the people? Is this a way to gather everyone most important to you and celebrate your marriage?

Why do I want to know this?

Again, so I understand who you are. I understand the dynamics of your relationship with friends and family. I know what questions to ask when we are checking in with each other. I know what other vendors might be a great match.  I’ll know that you really need a planner who can handle mom or a band that will get even uncle Joe on the dance floor. I’ll also know where to spend my time during the wedding. Yes, everyone is important but what if table 5 are full of people you barely know? I will understand how to approach the day so you can have everything captured that you want in the best way possible.

Sheesh, we are getting personal, aren’t we?

Why not?!?

Your relationship, your marriage is the beginning of a new chapter in your long family history. This is a personal moment. This will be full of people who have molded you, shaped you, will be celebrating with you. During many ceremonies, the officiant always asks if anyone objects and if everyone present is willing to help this couple. If not, speak now. It’s one of the most personal things you can do. It’s huge. I am documenting this huge moment. All the elements, all the little stories, moments, and emotions. I am documenting it not just for you but for everyone at the wedding, everyone in your life now and in the future.

If I get you, if we trust each other, if we understand each other, help each other, can you imagine what that will be like? Can you imagine the story that will be told?

Those are the stories I want to tell.

 What story do you want to tell? Contact Sofia so we can tell it.

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