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Rioult Dance Company Performance at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center

Here are some performance photos from Rioult’s performance at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center. They performed On Distant Shores, which I photographed at the premiere last year, Wein and Bolero. Charis Haines has such an emotional face when she is dancing and just flawless movement.Wein is pretty disturbing when you watch it. It was interesting to watch in rehearsal but to see it in performance is…wow! The way the dancers throw themselves into the choreography. At the Q&A afterwards, the audience how they prepare for a piece like that and avoid getting bruises. One dancer admitted, they have plenty of bruises and sore muscles but they don’t notice while performing.


Since, I have unlimited access, we tried shooting Bolero from the wings to get a different perspective. With the lights and silvery shiny unitards, it looks like a disco.

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  • I had GD Christmas music stuck in my head all night after this episode. 😐 I was so happy to see Joan back in the plot, finlaly. That front secretary is annoying as hell and I secretly hoped Joan would slug her in the face. Throwing a model airplane at her is close enough. My hatred for Greg continues to grow and he’s not even on the show anymore. The whole scene in the bar with Joan and Don made me incredibly sad. I had such mixed feelings because it’s true she and Don are the most beautiful and would be the most powerful couple on this show but I don’t want them to ever be together because their relationship is perfect the way it is. Don is probably the one man in that office that she could talk to like that, and their flirting was truly harmless. He may be a giant d-bag sometimes but his relationships with Peggy and Joan make me happy. I want to crush all of Pete’s hopes and dreams. I’m glad no one really gave a shit about their chance at the Jag account and that it was Don that made them care about it anyway.

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