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New York City Elopement in Riverside Church, Central Park and Times Square

I love photographing New York City elopements! They are so meaningful, intimate and personal. Something about running off to a place you love and taking only a few of your nearest and dearest that is so romantic. It really becomes about the two of you and the commitment you are making to each other.

Denise and Matthew brought Denize’s children, significant others and their closest friend all the way from Australia to witness their ceremony at Riverside Church. We then jumped in a limo and cruised around some of their most favorite spots in the city. Starting off at Columbia University because of the glorious architecture, a jaunt through Central Park and then a grand finale in Times Square. I have to say, I love photographing Times Square in the evening with all the lights, jumbotrons and energy.

The two of them were so generous and open with me, sharing how they found each other and what the other means to them. The one thing that stuck out the most was when Denize said, “it’s wonderful when you find someone that makes you feel worthy of love and shows you everyday” Yes, it is wonderful when you find true love.



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  • Tiana Fackrell

    Wow it is so great finding this on Google! Felt like I was there! Especially loved the part ‘Matthew and Denize flew denize’s children, close friends and significant others all the way from Australia to celebrate’! Thought Daniel and I would at least fit the significant other category!

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