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New York Wedding Proposal moment: Dancing in the street

A few weeks ago, I photographed a beautiful proposal in Central Park. I played photo ninja: following them from the hotel and a meandering walk through Central Park. After he proposed, we did a few portraits around the park. This wedding moment is towards the very end of our time together. As we were wandering around and shooting portraits of the two of them, we happened upon this street musician. We stopped for a moment to listen and the saxaphonist began playing a love song for them. Feeling inspired, Stelios grabbed Ionna in an intimate embrace and began dancing with her. Only in New York! =)

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  • Well I’m only fifteen but I would not class an N64 as old, that was out in the same geteranion I started playing video games in, I’m only young so it ain’t old. I class old as anything after 1972 to the end of the SNES era, as those are the geteranions I never experienced. Also I wish I was at PAX there was some sick people there from YouTube aswell as you.

  • Dear Sofia,

    I am a Flemish (Belgium Europe) painter and I wonder whether you would allow me to use your photo NY wedding proposal moment as a basis for a painting ? I would obviously change background, colors etc but still … Furthermore I am a selling artist, so the painting could be sold afterwards (only the original, I don’t do prints).
    Hope to read you soon.

    Kind regards

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