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Moment Monday: Dance photographs of City by Rioult

Today’s New York moment comes from Rioult, a modern dance company, celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary this year. I have been collaborating with them for over a year now, to document the dancers, the choreography and the life of Rioult. These dance images are from City, a piece about life in a big city. As New Yorkers we know all to well about being a faceless person in a crowd of millions and our own struggles to break out and build a life in this city. The piece starts with a faceless group of dancers in a crowd and then each moves in and out of the light. Expressing different behavior you may see at any given time on the street or subway. The movement also makes me think about the times we must be “crazy” to still be in a city this size, trying to create, make a statement about the world, searching for an outlet for our ideas. Those of us that forge ahead find others that support us along the way, we find failure, we find success and often we just fade back into life, into a crowd of millions. My only hope is that I touch a few along the way.

Here is a video of excerpts from City.

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  • Fabulous! I am in love with the last image especially… the fraems within fraems, gorgeous mix of styles and open feel is fabulous. I want to leap into this photo, if it were only possible…Hope you are having a wonderful week so far, xoxo

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