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Maritime Hotel Wedding in New York City

What would you do if 3 days before the wedding, your venue calls and says they have been shut down? Well, if you are like Clare, you have a good cry, call your vendors and get an even more fabulous venue for the reception. I mean who doesn’t want a gorgeous day with your own private patio with ivy walls and yummy food? Being in New York City, private patio is equivalent to gold bullion.

Andy was Clare’s sister’s friend and she was just the little tagalong. Many years later, facebook connected the two of them and it was true love. She says she always had a crush on him and was just waiting for him to notice her. Clare, I think you have his attention now.

One of my favorite parts was the best man and his paddle game. They sat back to back and he asked them questions to see how well they knew each other. Blue for Andy and pink for Clare. Lots of laughing, sheepish grins and backslapping ensued. Moments like these make photographing a wedding the best job ever.

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